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Bulletproof Shares is here to provide advice on how to invest your money in safe and secure ways. Not with any sort of overly financial, technical, legalistic speak. We’ll likely dip into that well from time to time, and we definitely want to provide solid information and practical tips that can be put to good use. But what years and years of experience in the financial industry has taught us is that if you’re going to make the best decisions possible with the available information you have to start with some pretty fundamental questions.


Starting with the Big Picture

Safe and secure can mean somewhat different things depending on the context. The classic example is burying your money in a mattress only to have your house burn down. A fireproof, theft-proof safe is a better option, but far from any guarantee. Even more sophisticated assets and financial investments can run afoul of certain fallacies. Money market funds, bonds, and certain kinds of stocks are among the safest financial investments available, but what happens if the brokerage itself goes bankrupt? There are supposed to be safeguards in place that protect client and brokerage funds, and most of the time these protocols are followed even if the firm goes bankrupt, but like any industry, investment brokerages have their bad actors, too. Shocking news, we know. We’re sorry we had to be the ones to tell you.

Maybe this is something you’ll find worth remembering: Bulletproof isn’t risk-proof, but you should still wear a vest.