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Investing for Retirement

A major concern of most people is where to invest the retirement savings. Nobody wants to put their savings at risk and there are concerns about fluctuations in the stock market. Many people are uncomfortable investing in the stock market because of the higher risk associated with stocks. However, you should consider the following two
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Capital Needs Analysis

One of the major components of the personal financial planning process is Retirement Planning. After all, we all want to have enough money so that we can retire comfortably and not all of us will win the lottery. In addition to having enough money to be able to retire, many of us also want to
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Portfolio Performance Measurements

As I’ve been doing research to better understand benchmarking and what individuals should and should not do, it was interesting to me how individuals did this. My methodology was very unscientific, largely based on conversations that I’ve had with acquaintances and friends, but also looking at what people ask on forums like Reddit in the
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Investing in ETFs

Over the last several years, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) have emerged as a very serious alternative to the mutual fund. Investing in an ETF offers many of the advantages that mutual fund offers, such as a diversified basket of assets that closely track a market index. The ETF and the mutual fund are also similar
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Five Fast-Growing Industries to Invest In

Jul 30, 2018 My Blog by Chester Ray
The world has hundreds of thousands of successful companies, but it can be difficult to determine which is the best place to invest your dollars. That’s why so many people choose to invest in industry-wide mutual funds. While some industry sectors may show significant growth, this upward trend is likely accompanied by volatility, creating a
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