Basic Investment Strategies: Stock and Mutual Fund Diversity within an Industry

Why Cannabis Mutual Funds Don’t Have Bulletproof Shares

Mar 19, 2018 My Blog by Chester Ray
The idea of investing in the burgeoning cannabis industry is growing in popularity. There are solid reasons for this, but unfortunately, it’s still not easy to invest in this industry in a way that manages your risk effectively. As always, we’re not fortune-tellers. There are cannabis mutual funds out there already and they may perform […]

CD Investments in 2018

Feb 27, 2018 My Blog by Chester Ray
A CD, or a Certificate of Deposit, is an excellent way to make your money work for you. Putting your money into a high-rate certificate of deposit allows holders to reap the benefits of higher interest rates. Similar to a savings account, a CD is an FDIC-insured account. It has a fixed interest rate and […]


Jan 25, 2018 My Blog by Chester Ray
Bulletproof Shares is here to provide advice on how to invest your money in safe and secure ways. Not with any sort of overly financial, technical, legalistic speak. W We’ll likely dip into that well from time to time, and we definitely want to provide solid information and practical tips that can be put to […]